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Pirineos-Monte Perdido


Regional food and dishes

The local food and cuisine feature an interesting number of techniques and practices used in the area in the past and still today.
Traditional recipes tended to be confined to the careful creation of dishes based on ingredients found in the wild (picked, hunted or fished) or which came from the limited agriculture or animal husbandry in the area.


Most of these recipes are connected with the lives of shepherds and include the traditional shepherd's breadcrumbs, cheeses and saln or cured lamb.Codas was a dish generally served only on Easter Sunday and consisted of lamb's tails, thereby making the most of the annual task of removing lambs' tails, known locally as escodar.

Queso artesano

One of the most remarkable dishes is chiretas, made of rice, lamb's intestines and other offal.Families and neighbours would get together and celebrate the day of the mataca, when the pig was slaughtered and mondongo (tripe stew) would later be made.
Local sweetmeats include walnut, almond and pumpkin pastillos and crespillos.