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«Pirineos-Monte Perdido»


Border crossings

The people living in the Pyrenees-Monte Perdido World Heritage Site have traditionally had very close relationships with each other, regardless of which side of the mountains they live on. To cross the high peaks, they used the mountain passes (puertos), even back in ancient times:

  • Barrosa or Barroude Pass (2,534 m): at the east end of the massif, outside the area of study. This pass connects the Bielsa valleys via Barrosa with the Neste d'Aragnouet Valley.
  • Canau Pass (2,686 m): this links the Bielsa Valley with Troumouse Valley and Héas. You reach the pass through the La Larri Valley and then cross the small cordillera above the shacks in Tromacal to the east of Las Blancas.
  • Bujaruelo Pass (2,270 m): to the west of the Monte Perdido massif. This is part of the area of the World Heritage Site. It connects the Broto Valley via Bujaruelo with the French valley of Gavarnie. This was always the safest traditional route.
  • Bernatuara Pass (2,393 m): in the far west of the Monte Perdido massif. It connects the Broto Valley via Bujaruelo with the Barèges Valley.