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«Pirineos-Monte Perdido»


The hamlet of Héas is the gateway to the Troumouse Cirque, dominated by Munia mountain.

It is full of stories and legends about its image of the Virgin and the Chapel of Notre Dame de Héas, which was destroyed and rebuilt three times. Héas lies at the heart of the listed area and is in fact the only inhabited place within the Pyrenees-Monte Perdido World Heritage Site.

To reach Héas, start out from Gèdre, ignoring the turn-off to the right that leads to Gloriettes Lake and Estaubé Cirque.

Before you get to Héas, you pass alongside an area of loose rocks with an image of Our Lady at the top, put up as a memorial to the disaster that occurred in 1915, when a huge avalanche buried a large number of the houses in the village.