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The Region

Discovering Sobrarbe

Discovering Sobrarbe

The central Pyrenees, the mountain range spanning from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, is the steepest, wildest and most spectacular part of this land mass. Its highest peaks, its deepest valleys and its glaciers, together with a great variety of habitats hardly altered by human activity, have become the refuge of a great number of animal and plant species.

Sobrarbe, one of the boroughs of the province of Huesca, spreads over 2,202 square kilometres in the Central Pyrenees and pre- Pyrenean ranges and includes the River Ara basin and the River Cinca headwaters and its tributaries.

Sobrarbe is a county located in the northern area on the province of Huesca. It is bordered to the north by France, to the east by Ribagorza County and the Troncedo, Campanué and Ferrera mountain ranges; to the south by Somontano County and the Arbe mountain range and to the west by Serrablo and Alto Gállego counties and the Cotefablo and Guarguera mountain passes.

Around 6,800 people live in Sobrarbe, most of whom work either in agriculture or in the service sector. They live in a privileged area of great beauty. Sobrarbe aims at sustainable development according to the parameters of the Local Agenda 21 .

The northern area on Sobrarbe County is dominated by mountain ranges drained by the Ara, Cinca and Cinqueta Rivers. On its central area, we find several depressions like the Broto, Fiscal, Arcusa and La Fueva valleys. Southwards, we find the Guara and Olsón foothills of the Pyrenees.

This county is dominated by high summits and a steep terrain.

In order to understand life in Sobrarbe, we must know the territorial references used by its inhabitants. For instance, the county is colloquially referred to as "el país".

The surrounding valleys and the nearby villages are referred to as "la redolada".

And the village where the speaker dwells is referred to as "el lugar".

The "house", as well as in any other area in the Aragonese Pyrenees, is the basic social unit, the identification card of any highlander.