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Trail 2: Por Boltaña y Morcat


Variante 2.1. Pista de los Rojos- Campodarve-Boltaña
Variante 2.2: Mesón de Fuebla - Aguilar-Silves-Boltaña

Passing by Morcat, a depopulated village that is worth a visit and trough the concealed valley of Sieste with its exquisite water pools that are visible from the hamlet of San Velian, one finally arrives at the old Monasterio del Carmen, close to Margudgued, just before we get back to Boltaña. The route is on easy terrain but it is demanding. The hard uphill ride via the road of Campodarve can also be descended in other ways than the one just explained. The 2.1 (quite rocky), called the "Pista de los Rojos". The 2.2, takes you to the magnificent Mesón de Fuebla and arrives at the hamlet of Aguilar via a track that is impassable for vehicles, but improves just after passing Silves.