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Kayak - Rafting - Hydrospeed

Kayak - Rafting - Hydrospeed

High mountain river navigation in whitewaters, on canoe, kayak, rafts (inflatable boat with several paddles) and hydrospeed (individual raft) are extreme sports practiced by many enthusiasts in our county.

On the reservoirs, we can practice the most gentle form of Canoeing: paddling on clean and quiet waters, without waves. It is a leisure activity for all ages and skills. But Sobrarbe is the paradise for fans of Kayaking in whitewaters, offering more intense emotions.

The Cinca River is a quite river, perfect to start practicing this sport, while the Ara River requires a higher skill level. The Cinqueta and Barrosa Rivers provide very well-known stretches for kayaking enthusiasts.

In the Hydrospeed, also known as riverboarding, the participant is prone on the board with fins on his/her feet for propulsion and steering. The participant is the only skipper of the board.

Rafting is an activity based on whitewater navigation on inflatable boats, and utilizing the techniques and tools intended for this sport.