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Rock climbing up or across natural rocks or man-made climbing walls.

In Sobrarbe, we find several climbing schools, perfectly equipped, in Bielsa, Bujaruelo, Ligüerre de Cinca, Plan, Torla and Las Devotas, with routes ranging from the fourth to the eighth grades, for all ages and skills. We find limestone, granitic and conglomerate formations. A wide variety is being offered.

Vía ferrata in Broto: this is a vertical route. Climbing equipment, including nuts, quickdraws and slings, is required, allowing us to climb safely. We find it by the Sorrosal waterfall, and it can be accessed all around the year. It has a gradient of 200m and a length of 650m.

Ice Climbingi

If weather conditions are suitable, which usually happens every year, there are myriad waterfalls becoming ice blocks in winter. A pleasure for those enthusiasts of ice climbing, good acquainted with the areas of Barrosa and Boca del Túnel in Bielsa.

The diverse and uneven terrain has favoured the formation of ideal spots to develop this activity, being practiced by more people every day. Introductory and advanced courses are essential for practicing this sport. We can also ask for help to sport club instructors or in extreme tourism businesses.

In the Pineta Valley, we find a large number of high quality routes, all of them north face oriented, which ensures a better preservation of the ice.

One of its hidden treasures is the Cascada de la Fuenfría (Waterfall of the Cold Spring), in the Cotiella massif, next to Saravillo. Its 7th grade of difficulty has made it become a prestigious route at national level.