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Sierra and Cañones de Guara Nature Reserve

Sierra and Cañones de Guara Nature Reserve

Routes around the Old Sobrarbe lead us to the heart of the outer hills, among them, the Sierra de Guara is specially outstanding. Here, we can visit totally different landscapes from those in the Pyrenees, where geology is responsible of its dramatic qualities: astonishing gorges, rocks and caves scattered among a nature reserve shaped by river erosion.

Very often, we find a terrain covered by scarce vegetation adapted to the different weather. In the canyons, we find striking flowers and several aromatic plants, such as the pointed-leaved Jasonia. In wet areas, we can find reeds, bulrushes, watercress, wild garlic and the omnipresent lesser duckweed in ponds. The most representative tree in these hills is the holy tree. It has become a shelter for many birds, such as the bearded vultures, Egyptian vultures, black and red kites, peregrine falcons, common kestrels, golden eagles and Bonelli's eagles. But what we can find everywhere in this reserve is, mainly, water. Therefore, we can easily find perches, barbs, freshwater crayfishes, Pyrenees newts, frogs, etc.

It is a unique landscape for the beauty of its ravines and gorges, of cultural interest for its rich cultural heritage, especially for its cave paintings; and it is also an extreme sport paradise, where we can practice rafting and potholing.