Pradera de Ordesa - Estrecho Waterfall - Pradera a

  • Distance :
  • Starting Point :Pradera de Ordesa.
  • Total climb/descent :100 m
  • Route type :Circular.
  • Time :1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Difficulty :Easy.



The Ordesa Valley, through which the Arazas River passes, contains a remarkable sequence of waterfalls. This simple and easy route enables you to admire the beauty of this Pyrenean river. Its crystal-clear, pure waters from the peaks of Monte Perdido descend the valley till they join those of the great Ara River.

The route begins in Pradera de Ordesa, the starting point of the main path that heads up the valley in the direction of the Soaso Cirque and Cola de Caballo.
As you penetrate the valley, you will start to climb gently. For much of the route, you will go through a shady, damp beech forest containing other species such as fir, birch, maple and service trees. When autumn comes, these trees put on a fine display as their leaves lose their bright green colour and take on beautiful red, orange and yellow hues.

During the walk, you will be able to admire the impressive rock faces of the meseta-like Gallinero and Fraucata and panoramic views of the valley, with its characteristic U-shape formed by the erosive action of glacial tongues during the Quaternary Period.

After climbing for 35 minutes, you come to the Arripas Waterfall vantage point and, a little later on, to the turn-off to the Cueva Waterfall (40 minutes). If you follow the signs along the main path, you can also get to Estrecho Waterfall (50 minutes), which many visitors regard as the most beautiful in Ordesa. A small path takes you to a vantage point at the foot of the spectacular cascade, enabling you to view the water plunging down in complete safety.

You must return to the Cueva Waterfall to take the path that leads to the bridge over the Arripas Waterfall on the Arazas River. In this way, you can return to Pradera down the left-hand side of the valley, giving you new views of the Ordesa Valley and the Cotatuero Cirque.

Ignore Sarratieto Bridge on your right and instead continue along the same path till you come to a sign for the Senda de los Cazadores (Hunters' Path). Turn right here back over the Arazas River and make your way into Pradera de Ordesa.


Take water with you. To avoid falling or slipping, stay on the path at all times and do not jump over the railings at the vantage points.