Pradera de Ordesa -Cotatuero Cirque

  • Distance :
  • Starting Point :Pradera de Ordesa.
  • Total climb/descent :430 m
  • Route type :Linear.
  • Time :1 hour 30 minutes (route out only).
  • Difficulty :Easy



This route takes you into the side valley of Cotatuero, which is covered in an outstanding thick forest of white fir. At the end, there is a fabulous view of rocky outcrops from which water plunges in a huge cascade that drops more than 200 m.

Take the main path to the Soaso Cirque and Cola de Caballo, which begins next to the National Park information point in Pradera de Ordesa. After ten minutes, you come to the start of the route towards the left, next to a small chapel with a commemorative plaque bearing UNESCO's declaration of the Pyrenees-Monte Perdido area as a World Heritage Site.

The path heads into the white fir forest dotted with the occasional beech. As you climb, you will hear the constant sound of water in the Cotatuero Gully, which contains a number of waterfalls due to the steep drop.

After an hour and 30 minutes, you come to a small wooden refuge and, next to it, a crossroads. Take the path to the right in the direction of Faja de Canarellos. After a few metres, you come to a metal walkway over the torrent, which offers a view of the great Cotatuero Waterfall, which drops 200 m. You will also be able to see the immense walls of the cirque carved out by the glacial tongues that fed the main Ordesa glacier.

To return, retrace your steps back along the same path.

You can, however, continue to climb to the top of the waterfall, where you will find the famous Cotatuero Pitons, a dizzying ascent equipped with iron bars driven into the rock and suitable only for experienced climbers. The pitons were put in place in 1881 by the blacksmith from Torla to make it easier for hunters to get to the Brecha de Roland gap and its environs.


Take water with you. Stay on the path to avoid falling or slipping.