Revilla - Angonés vantage points

  • Distance :
  • Starting Point :The car park on a very sharp bend 200 m before you enter Revilla
  • Total climb/descent :50 m
  • Route type :Linear.
  • Time :25 minutes (route out only).
  • Difficulty :Easy.



This simple route takes in a number of vantage points that enable you to view the Escuaín Gorge, a surprising chasm tucked away from sight. As well as the landscape, you will be able to easily spot big birds of prey and carrion birds up in the sky, especially lammergeyers.

A sign pointing the way and various information panels stand at the start of this route, watched over by the imposing rocky outcrops of Castillo Mayor.

After walking for ten minutes amid gall oaks and dense box scrub, you cross the Consusa Gully. You then come to a long gently descending faja (natural terrace) hanging over one of the cliffs in the Escuaín Gorge. To the right of the track and next to a small vantage point is the path that leads to the remains of the Romanesque Shrine of San Lorién, with its profusion of religious inscriptions engraved on the rock wall (17th-18th century).

At the end of this faja (15 minutes), a new view of the canyon opens out before you. The sound of the river is continual and you are sure to see big birds of prey and carrion birds flying up above, among them Egyptian vultures and lammergeyers.

The final stretch of the route goes through a Scots pine forest, where a path to the right leads to Revilla. A little further on (25 minutes), you come to another turn-off to the first vantage point off to the left. The spectacular view here takes in the lower half of the gorge and the small village of Escuaín on the opposite side.

Return to the main path to end the route at another vantage point overlooking the Angonés Gully. The panoramic views of the upper stretch of the Escuaín Gorge are unsurpassable, as is the view of the Sierra de las Sucas. The Yaga Spring is at the bottom of the gorge, which is covered in dense beech forest. The water from the summits in the sierra travel more than 4 kilometres through underground galleries before emerging once again above ground, forming the waterfall you can see from this vantage point.

To return, retrace your steps back along the same path.


Take water with you. Comply with notices on signs and the measures put in place to ensure your safety at the vantage points.