Escuaín -Proas O Castielo

  • Distance :
  • Starting Point :Next to the church in the village of Escuaín
  • Total climb/descent :Almost flat
  • Route type :Circular.
  • Time :20 minutes (in total
  • Difficulty :Easy.



The deep gorge through which the Yaga River flows and the village just a short distance from the natural frontage where the vantage points are located take their name from Escuaín. Defy gravity and dizzying heights by taking this easy walk. Amazement and enjoyment are guaranteed.

The path begins at the small esplanade and car park opposite the parish church, where there is also a fountain with a traditional laundry area. Just a few metres from the bell tower, you will see a sign indicating that you need to turn right. You pass alongside a number of traditional houses that still have their huge chimneys in the shape of a truncated cone.

The route continues amid small stone walls, lofty ash trees, gall oak and dense box scrub, taking you to the first vantage point looking out over Escuaín Gorge. The outstanding panoramic view from here takes in the upper reaches of the gorge as well as the Angonés Gully, the Yaga Springs and the Revilla vantage points on the opposite side. If you take this walk in autumn, you will be astonished at the contrast between the ochre hues of the deciduous trees that fill the floor of the valley and the dark green of the holm oak and pine forests that grow on the warmer and drier slopes towards the top.

To reach the other vantage points, continue along the signposted path, constantly bearing east. Various information panels will help you to interpret and identify the main natural features of this landscape.

The path gradually approaches the village, providing new views of the lower stretch of the gorge, the environs of Revilla, the Puntón de las Brujas de Tella (the Crag of the Witches of Tella) and, in the background, the Cotiella massif and Peña Montañesa.

The end of the route brings you out at the building that houses the National Park Information Office, which has a small photographic display about lammergeyers and other birds of prey and carrion birds.


Comply with notices on signs and the measures put in place to ensure your safety at the vantage points.