Ereta de Bies-San Úrbez- Fuen Blanca

  • Distance :
  • Starting Point :Ereta de Bies car park.
  • Total climb/descent :750 m
  • Route type :Linear.
  • Time :4 hours 30 minutes (route out only).
  • Difficulty :Demanding due to the length of time taken from start to finish and the overall climb.



Nature shows her wild and overwhelming side in the Añisclo Canyon. Although this route is demanding, it is recommended as it is unforgettable and will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the ever-changing landscape and countless sensations.

After a three-hour climb from the starting point in Ereta de Bies, you come to La Ripareta (see route 3.11). The path continues northwards along the right-hand side of the Bellos River. After crossing the stony floor of Pardina Gully, you enter a magnificent beech forest in which each tree grows in competition with its neighbours to achieve as much light as possible. On the far side of the forest, the path climbs and can in places be difficult to identify due to the severe erosion of the sides.

As you climb, the beech forest thins, eventually ending shortly before you cross the Bellos River on the Los Estrechos metal walkway (3 hours 30 minutes) to the opposite side, where the path continues and grows steeper. On the right is the path to Foradiello, which takes you to Montaña de Sesa and San Vicenda Gully.

Take extreme care along the stretch of the path with chains bolted to the rocks to improve safety (3 hours 50 minutes). A little further on, you come to a place that is very different to the landscapes you have seen thus far (4 hours). The canyon here widens, sweeping meadows open out before you, covering the floor of the valley, and the escarpments on either side are further away. In front of you is Añisclo Cirque, watched over by Punta de las Olas (3,022 m) to the left and O Zucón (2,802 m) to the right. Rising between them is Collado de Añisclo, with its recognisable flattened profile.

Continue northwards amid Spanish pine and meadows. You will soon see the impressive Fuen Blanca Waterfall, formed by emerging underground water from the peaks of the Monte Perdido massif.

You come to the end of the route on the other side of a metal walkway. Here you will see pastureland once grazed by livestock and two old shepherd's refuges known as mallatas (4 hours 30 minutes). Next to the small stone building with pitched roof is a large rock that shepherds also used as a shelter. This large block was carried here by the glaciers that sculpted the cirque during the ice ages of the Quaternary Period.


Take extreme care on steep slopes not to slip or fall.