Ereta de Bies-San Úrbez-Sercué- Ereta de Biés

  • Distance :
  • Starting Point :Ereta de Bies car park.
  • Total climb/descent :220 m
  • Route type :Linear or circular
  • Time :3-4 hours
  • Difficulty :Easy



There are many ways of travelling up Añisclo Canyon and all of them will reveal impressive and astonishing views. The landscape is enhanced by the mark left by the peoples that have lived here, evidence of an era of want and hardship. This route enables you to see this cultural legacy bequeathed to us by the inhabitants of Sercué and the Vió Valley.

The route begins at Ereta de Bies car park. A sign points the way to the path that leads to San Úrbez Bridge, which hangs over the River Bellos defile. Shortly afterwards, you pass by the Shrine of San Úrbez where, according to tradition, the 8th-century saint found a place of refuge and prayer while shepherding sheep in Sercué.

The itinerary goes up a stretch of the Bellos River canyon, watched over by the imposing ridges of Sestrales. The track becomes a path at Sangons Bridge, which you must cross to get to the Sercué turn-off (45 minutes).

The path climbs up the slope, zigzagging sharply, gaining quickly in altitude but without presenting any difficulty. During the ascent, you will come across a few beech and hazelnut trees, Scots pine and abundant box. You will also be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of the canyon and the limestone outcrops of Mondoto and Sestrales.

The climb ends at O Portiello (1 hour 30 minutes), as the path flattens out as it crosses the slope amid old fields now taken over by blue broom, bringing you eventually to Sercué (1 hour 45 minutes). The village was abandoned for several decades but now its formerly demolished houses are being restored. A visit to the small parish church in the Romanesque style is recommended. A pretty signposted path will take you to the town fountain, where you can replenish your supply of water.

There are two possible ways to return from Sercué to Ereta de Bies. You can retrace your steps, or you can extend the walk and turn it into a circular itinerary. If you decide to take this second option, follow the signs to the bottom of the Aso or Biandico River, where you will find the small Espucialla Bridge (2 hours 15 minutes). Even though the bridge is very simple, it is surprising to discover such a beautiful spot that most visitors know nothing of. After a short climb, you come to the road from Buerba to Fanlo. Go down it to the Vió and Buerba turn-off (2 hours 45 minutes), the start of the path that leads to the Ereta de Bies car park (3 hours).


Take water with you