Pineta car park -La Larri plains

  • Distance :
  • Starting Point :Pineta car park on the right-hand bank of the Cinca River
  • Total climb/descent :280 m
  • Route type : Linear, though you can also follow a circular route
  • Time :1 hour 30 minutes (route out only).
  • Difficulty :Easy. Suitable for everyone



La Larri, which joins the Cinca River, is a good example of a hanging glacial valley, the result of erosion caused by glaciers during the Quaternary Period. This route takes you through large beech forests and broad meadows and past various waterfalls, with the impressive backdrop of the dizzyingly sheer north face of the Monte Perdido massif.

The route begins at the car park on the right-hand bank of the Cinca River, which you reach by crossing a small bridge some 100 m before the Parador Nacional hotel. The forest track you must follow, closed to vehicles, starts to the right of the National Park information office.

A little further on, various signs remind you that you are entering a protected area. You traverse a beech forest, where the cool and shade make it difficult for other trees and shrubs to grow.

After an easy, gentle ascent, with magnificent views of Pineta Cirque, you come to a fountain (30 minutes) and a bridge next to it over the Cinca River. Cross the bridge and continue along the same path, now bearing north-east.

As you climb amid the woodland, the views of Pineta Valley open up further. The U-shape of the valley is clearly evident, and its flat floor contrasts with the steep walls on either side. This is a good example of the erosion caused by the successive glaciers during the Quaternary Period.

Amid the Scots pine and beech, you cross a second bridge, this time over the La Larri, from which you can see several waterfalls. The final stretch of the path takes you to the La Larri Plains (1 hour 30 minutes). This is another valley of glacial origin, today covered with vast meadows where livestock graze in spring and summer. You will also be able to see herds of wild goats and hear the shrill calls of marmots. The views of Pineta Cirque, Collado de Añisclo mountain and the Tres Marías from here are magnificent.

You can retrace your steps back along the same path to return or you can opt for one of two alternative routes. The first descends down the path marked as the GR11, which takes you down to the Parador Nacional hotel. Or you can return along the original path as far as the bridge over the La Larri Gully, where the Waterfalls Route begins.

This route will take you back to the car park. If you choose to take the Waterfalls Route, you will need to be extremely careful as the path is very steep and it is easy to slip due to the damp ground. Make sure you stay on the path at all times.


This route is not to be taken in winter due to the high risk of avalanches