Car park- El Felqueral- Cinca Waterfall

  • Distance :
  • Starting Point :Pineta car park on the right-hand bank of the Cinca River
  • Total climb/descent :350 m
  • Route type :Linear.
  • Time :1 hour 10 minutes (route out only).
  • Difficulty :Easy.



The waters of the Cinca River tumble downwards, forming one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Pyrenees. Your breath will be taken away as you head into Pineta Cirque and contemplate the grandeur of its rocky faces. This simple route makes it possible to admire the beauty of the most alpine of the valleys in the National Park.

The route begins at Pineta car park, which you enter by crossing a small bridge over the Cinca River a hundred metres or so from the Shrine to Our Lady of Pineta and the Parador Nacional hotel. The forest track you follow westwards begins at the National Park information office and then climbs gently below the rocky outcrops of the north face of the Monte Perdido massif.

Once you have crossed the bridge over the Cinca River (30 minutes), the path heads once again into beech forest. In the forest to the left of the track, a sign points to the path that will take you to the Cinca Waterfall and the Balcón de la Pineta. The path is steeper, though the climb is made easier by the shade of the trees. The wood thins out into more open pastureland and scrub. The most common plant here is bracken, known in the Bielsa Valley as felquera, hence the name of El Felqueral for this part of Pineta Cirque.

You will come to a spring with a drinking trough (1 hour), where you take the path signposted to the left. Make your way amid huge piles of stone to reach the foot of the Cinca Waterfall, where the route ends (1 hour 10 minutes).

From this spot at the very centre of Pineta Cirque, you will be able to see magnificent views of the entire valley, its tributary, the La Larri, and the sheer walls of the Sierra de las Sucas and Collado de Añisclo.


Do not take this route in winter due to the high risk of avalanches.