Bivalves in Troumouse




    This is a site of a dispersed nature in which we find abundant remains of bivalve shells scattered across a large area.
    They are particularly plentiful near the small tarmacked track leading up to the Troumouse Cirque.
    Geological unit C-M.


    The fossil shells make it easy to quickly determine that these are Mesozoic rocks.

    Their importance in the context of the structure of the Pyrenees resides in the fact that their disposition makes it possible to identify a great angular discordance, with rocks from the Upper Cretaceous on granitoids and covered by Palaeozoic rocks.
    This is one of the outcrops that are key to the description of the Gavarnie Thrust Fault.
    There are other points with a similar content to that described in the proximity of the area covered by the report. It is possible that other points with a similar fossil content may also exist in the Gavarnie Valley.


    UTM coordinates 31T 261768 4735265