7. Orbitoids, ostreids and nodules in Salarons




    This is a scattered site but there are interesting places where examples are found in large numbers. Geological unit C-M.


    This is another spot where these fossils are found in large numbers. It is situated in a place that is easy to find and is on a popular route. Other very interesting sites are to be found on the access to the Faja de las Flores path and along the path itself.
    If you are confident about using the pitons or climbing the route, you will see interesting concentrations of orbitoids, crab nests and flint nodules.


    There is a significant spot at the UTM coordinates 31T 249120 4728098. In fact, it becomes interesting some 800 metres from the Carriata or Salarons pitons. The alternative site at the pitons that climb up a little further east is also very interesting.