14. Assilinas-nummulites-alveolinas Góriz-Añisclo




    This is a site distributed along a stretch of the path. Some of the strata are especially rich in these foraminiferans, some of which are arranged in cross laminations as they were carried by sea currents. The assilinas are cited as point 14 and the alveolinas as point 14'. Geological unit T1.


    The assemblage is similar to that found in many other spots towards the top of the limestone Gallinera Formation.
    It is interesting due in part to its location on the GR-11 route, which climbs gently up through these rocks in the site, and because of the high concentration of foraminiferans.
    In places it is easy to see that the tiny shells of the foraminiferans have behaved like grains of sand and have been transported and amassed, forming cross laminations.


    With regard to the assilinas (14), one possible site is at the UTM coordinates 31T 257587 4727346. For the alveolinas (14'), see the site at the UTM coordinates 31T 257662 4727251. Between these two spots and dozens of metres before and after them, it is possible to see concentrations of interesting fossils, among them bivalves and echinoderms and other foraminiferans, as well as flint nodules.