19. Nummulites and alveolinas between Góriz and ta




    This is a scattered site along a path with large numbers of fossil layers in particular places. It is situated in its entirety on the path, meaning that you are forced to climb gently up layers containing foraminiferans. Geological unit T1.


    The assemblage is almost identical to that which can be seen in many other places towards the top of the limestone Gallinera Formation.
    It is interesting due to the large concentration of foraminiferans and because the layers continue for a considerable distance on the other side of the Góriz fold. Because it is close to the Góriz Refuge, it is possible to visit in the afternoon, when there are also spectacular views of the Góriz anticline and other features on the peaks in the park.
    It is also possible to see assemblages of assilinas here in the upper part of geological unit T0, described in sites 12, 13, 14 and 15.


    The most interesting spot is at the UTM coordinates 31T 254970 4728417. Interesting outcrops are distributed at a radius of some 100 metres from this spot.