20. Nummulites and alveolinas on the Cutas path




    This site is long, with magnificent limestone outcrops with fossils to be seen in the ditches along the forest track. The distance on foot is some 150 metres. Geological unit T1.


    This site is in my view the most representative of all those on this stretch towards the top of the Gallinera Formation.
    As the rock has recently been cut to form the slope and side of the forest track, the quality of the outcrop is extremely good.
    A stratum with numerous gasteropods and facies with alveolina, nummulite, assilina and other foraminiferans can easily be seen.
    Flint nodules, described in detail in site 21 concerning the Góriz Refuge, are clearly visible in the upper part.
    This is a very good outcrop towards the top of the Gallinera Formation. Other geological curiosities are also to be seen here. For example, before the sites described, there is a vast accumulation of sandstones and quartz pebbles, which are particularly abundant on the track between El Príncipe and El Rey vantage points.
    Turbidites crop out along the entire stretch of the track around Punta Cuta. In places they have sole marks like those at site 28.


    The Cutas path, with access to a number of vantage points overlooking the Ordesa Valley. The spot is situated between the Punta Cuta and Bacarizuala vantage points near the Brecha de Arazas gap.

    It is possible to reach this spot using the all-terrain taxis that run from nearby towns and villages, making this place highly suitable for all kinds of visitors, including people with reduced mobility.

    The start of the route is at UTM coordinates 31T 251401 4724378. From this point, you head eastwards, seeing ever higher strata in the series.