21. Nodules and sponges in Góriz




    This outcrop is distributed around the Góriz Refuge. The concentration of flint nodules in the stratum surfaces is very high here. Geological unit T1.


    Many of the mountain paths in the Ordesa Park offer an opportunity to see these concentrations of flint nodules in the strata in the upper part of the Gallinera Formation. In this spot and nearby, there are numerous nodules formed from a siliceous sponge that has retained its original morphology, a hollow tube or a shape resembling a small horn. In certain rare instances, it is even possible to see a light reticulum formed by the spicules of the sponges.


    The site is situated on the GR11 route and is the key point on the climb up Monte Perdido. Numerous high-mountain routes lead to the refuge. The route from Cuello Gordo is recommended, as nodules and sponges can be seen in the surfaces of the limestone strata at various points along the path.

    The UTM coordinates for the stratum surface closest to the refuge are 31T 255494 4727946.