22. Site on El Molar




    This is a scattered site with a low density of sponge fossils (22). Nevertheless, there are some excellent examples, some of which have broken away from the original rock. The stratum that contains the accumulation of foraminiferans (22') can be seen at the upper El Molar vantage point. This is a considerable concentration that forms a grainstone on the stratum surface. Geological units T1 and T2.


    This spot is extremely popular with visitors in summer, who come here in all-terrain taxis from neighbouring towns and villages.
    The flint nodules are easily visible and, if you look closely, you can also see accumulations of foraminiferans.
    Site 22 corresponds to the upper part of the limestone Gallinera Formation, which is visible from many parts of the Ordesa Park.
    The foraminiferans at point 22' are particularly special. They are found in strata of siliceous sandstones that were part of the first turbidites (unit T2) and were redeposited.


    The UTM coordinates for the lower El Molar vantage point (22) are 31T 247328 4726273. The UTM coordinates for the upper El Molar vantage point are 31T 247620 4726116.