26. Siliceous sponges and crabs in Mondoto




    This is a very scattered site with a low density of examples. Geological unit T2.


    Foraminiferans typical of the upper part of the Gallinera Formation, described in numerous other sites, can be seen on the slopes of Pico Mondoto in a northerly direction. Flint nodules can be seen at the summit itself. In the meadow towards the hill described, you can find loose examples of sponges and the occasional crab shell.


    You reach the site along a mountain path that leaves from Nerín, initially goes along the Cutas path and then turns into a mountain path at the barrier that restricts vehicular access to the forest track.
    From there you continue till you come to a pass, at the boundary of the Pyrenees-Monte Perdido World Heritage site. Make your way up through the meadows to Pico Mondoto.

    With regard to the sponges, one site is at UTM coordinates 31T 2465407 4718970, which is just outside the study zone. The UTM coordinates 31T 257644 4719059 correspond to a site on the summit with foraminiferans.